• Berlin Automatic - 28,800 Hz for maximal precision

  • Thuringia - focus on essentials

  • Rallye - not just for race track enthusiasts

  • Thuringia Vintage Automatic - a classic with a high-tech movement

  • Expedition - reliable and flexible

  • Thuringia Ladies - Glamour mal anders

  • Tourist - not just for frequent travellers

  • Expedition - one watch for many appearances

  • Thuringia Vintage Ladies - the thuringia vintage for gentle wrists

  • Interkosmos - in memory of the first German watch in Space

TUW Ruhla – the collection

A short overview of the TUW Ruhla collection

Combining a modern zeitgeist with the designs of Ruhla watches from past times is at the heart of our collection. No matter if you are looking for a sportive, elegant, or extravagant watch, you will find the right line in the TUW Ruhla collection.

  • TUW Ruhla Interkosmos 60740-021101 Mens Wristwatch Design Highlight
    Interkosmos 60740-021101
  • TUW Ruhla Thuringia Vintage 11140-133513 Automatic Mens Watch Classic & Simple
    Thuringia Vintage 11140-133513
  • TUW Ruhla Interkosmos 60740-022102 Mens Wristwatch Design Highlight
    Interkosmos 60740-022102
  • TUW Ruhla Thuringia Vintage Quartz 61140-054505 Mens Wristwatch Classic & Simple
    Thuringia Vintage Quartz 61140-054505
  • TUW Ruhla Aviator 10543-022614 Automatic Mens Watch Excellent readability
    Aviator 10543-022614
  • TUW Ruhla Thuringia 10132-021301D Automatic Watch for women Classic & Simple
    Thuringia 10132-021301D


  1. Chatting with Sigmund Jähn

    01.06.2015 00:00

    Im Gespräch mit Sigmund Jähn

    Sigmund Jähn wasn't soley the first German in space, but during his flight he wore the first German watch in space. It was a special made Ruhla model. He was also carrying out some reaction time experiments for the Ruhla watchmakers.

  2. Testing assembly begins

    15.05.2015 00:00

    Montage TUW Ruhla

    TUW Ruhla is now starting the trial assembly. The first samples are now ready and being tested to improve assembly and quality.